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Competitive Pricing

Process Control

Product Quality Revision

Booking quantities at correct harvest time

Payment Management

Order control

Logistics Management

Personalized control

                                                          Commercial skills

  1. Commercialize the products from several Industries of Spain and other main markets around the world (Perú, India, China, Turkey, Thailand).

  2. Supply to our customers in Europe, USA, Canada, Centre America, Japan, Australia, UAE… the products for Food service or retail market, for final preparation or for industrial purpose.

  3. For more than 20 years, our customers are satisfied with the service provide from IBERO-REX

  4. Prices and conditions are reviewed every season in order to take advantage of the market and put our customer in a prime position to benefit from the best quality and competitive prices.  

                                                         Quality information

  1.  Auditing and revising the quality of the production process and lot codes in order to ensure an excellent standard of quality for our customers.

                                                   Logistic information

  1. Looking for the right balance between price/quality for the transportation of the merchandise.

  2. Checking all the documents are corrects and submitted on time to our customers to avoid extra costs at time of releasing the merchandise at destination.

  3. Managing all types of transport depending on destination, freight rates and customer requirements. (vessel, truck, refrigerated transport, bulks…)

  4. Consolidating mix products on the container/truck.